Entry List – Cotswold Regionals 2021

This is the official entry list for the Cotswold Regionals 2021. Entries from the 2020 competition have been carried over automatically. The new competition dates are 21-29 August 2021. There’s still plenty of time to enter the competition – click here for details.

KDX Adrian Giles DG 200Cotswold Gliding Club97.0
LKA Alex Gibbs DG 300Southdown Gliding Club96.0
DXL Alistair Bridges Std. CirrusDeeside Gliding Club90.0
Andy Parish TBCThe Gliding Centre100.0
Barry Key Mosquito BCotswold Gliding Club98.0
Chris Bennett TBCLasham Gliding Society100.0
217 Chris Bessent VentusShalbourne Gliding Club101.0
AT David McCarthy Ventus bBlack Mountains Gliding Club101.0
Holly Harris DiscusMidland Gliding Club98.0
V17 John Brooke Ventus bLasham Gliding Society101.0
HBF John Clark Nimbus 2cBlack Mountains Gliding Club106.0
Y3 John Ferguson ASW 28E/18mThe Gliding Centre106.0
KA Jon Hall Duo DiscusMidland Gliding Club101.0
T1 Jon Wand ASH 26EBidford Gliding & Flying Club110.0
L18 Jordan Richards Std. LibelleDeeside Gliding Club89.0
240 Ken Barker JS1Lasham Gliding Society111.0
Kostas Kostalampros TBCRattlesden Gliding Club100.0
DNW Lucy Wootton Ka6 CRShenington Gliding Club76.0
Martyn Oliver TBCLasham Gliding Society100.0
DTM Miles Bailey DG 200Bicester Gliding Centre97.0
100 Nash & Nash SZD 55Shenington Gliding Club98.0
93 Paul Copland ASW 19Bicester Gliding Centre93.0
265 Paul Wright Nimbus 2Army Gliding Club (Wyvern)106.0
DMU Pete Goodchild PIK 20DYorkshire Gliding Club96.0
KS Phil Dolan Ventus 2cxtScottish Gliding Centre110.0
ELU Philippa Roberts ASW 20Cotswold Gliding Club100.0
34Z Robin Birch Kestrel 19Cotswold Gliding Club102.0
826 Ross Morriss Kestrel 19Peterborough & Spalding Gliding Club97.0
RP Steve Noujaim ASH 31 Mi/21mCotswold Gliding Club115.0

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